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Car Owner Do’s & Don’ts: DIY Maintenance

April 21, 2017
As we all know, it is important to make sure your vehicle is properly maintained while under your care. If you want your car to last as long as possible, you have to make sure that it is being serviced and checked regularly. The good thing about car maintenance is that you can save money by doing some of it yourself. Here are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to DIY car maintenance:

Washing Your Car

DON’T: Use dishwashing liquid and/or shampoo for cleaning! DO: Buy a car-wash product that is specifically made to be used against automotive paint. These washes are typically milder and won’t strip off protective wax. It is also good to use a soft cloth or sponge for cleaning.

Changing a Tire

DON’T: Change a tire on unstable ground, in poor weather conditions, and if your equipment isn’t in good condition. And NEVER, crawl under the car while it’s on a jack. DO: Make sure you are in a location that is safe and has stable ground. Turning your parking brake on helps to keep your vehicle from rolling away. Make sure the lug nuts are screwed on tightly once you are finished replacing the tires. Most importantly, do call for help if the conditions you are faced with are too challenging. Getting professional help is better than saving a few bucks and risking either injuring yourself or damaging your vehicle even more.

Changing Your Oil

DON’T: Use the wrong oil! It doesn’t matter if the motor oil is the most or least expensive, if it isn’t the type of oil that is recommended in your car’s owner manual, you should follow that recommendation. DO: Properly dispose of your car’s used oil. Used motor oil is highly toxic and harmful to the environment. A safe way you can dispose of the used oil is transferring it into a sealed container and delivering it to a nearby gas station that accepts oil oil for recycling.

Jumping Your Car

DON’T: Try to jump a car if the batter is cracked or leaking! This could cause an explosion. DO: Make sure the headlights, radios, hazard lights, and turn signals of both cars are turned off. Make sure both cars are either in park or neutral with the parking brake on. If you ever find yourself stuck trying to do car maintenance yourself, you’re always welcome to stop by one of McCarthy Auto Group’s service centers! Schedule your next appointment here.

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