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Car Owner Do's & Don'ts: At The Gas Station!

May 14, 2017
You find yourself at the gas station again–oh joy! While there are no set rules for you to follow here, I do have some suggestions for you. From making sure you are using the best gasoline for your vehicle to following some unspoken etiquette, here are some gas station do’s and don’ts for you to consider! DO: Make sure you are using the correct gas for your car. Every time you’re at the pump, you’re faced with different fuel options. These are octane ratings. While you should know the difference between regular and diesel gasoline, most don’t actually understand the difference between the other choices. Educate yourself! Take a look at your vehicle’s owner manual and see what type of gasoline it says is required or recommended for your car–and listen to it. Using the proper fuel for your vehicle will make a difference in the long run! Did this raise more fuel questions for you? Read more about this topic here. DON’T: Have bad manners. Everyone wants to get in and out of the gas station in a timely fashion, so help move this process along by staying polite! Know the bearings of your vehicle and align your car at the pump, leaving enough room for the other cars around you to still have ample space to maneuver their own vehicle. If the gas station happens to be crowded, find the pump that your car would fit best at, and politely wait for your turn behind the car that’s currently there. If you see an open pump in this crowded situation, if there doesn’t appear to be anyone obviously waiting for the pump, then it should be fair game! I know you hate it when someone swoops in and steals that parking spot from you, so don’t be that person to someone else! DO: Turn your car off while fueling! For your safety and those around you, remember to turn your car off before you start to pump gas into it. While many have their own opinions as to if this is actually dangerous, just do us all a favor and turn it off. The risk of explosions from the combination of your running vehicle and fuel being pumped are low, but there are still risks. DON’T: Smoke! This falls into the safety and gas station etiquette category. It should be common sense to not bring flames to an extremely flammable place, but I’m here to give you this simple reminder! Don’t use lighters, matches, cigarettes, or anything of the sort while at the gas station, and all those around you will thank you!

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