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Car confession: giraffe escaped the zoo

April 12, 2012

Honestly. I’m a good driver. And for those who’ve ridden with me, vouch for me! I may need it after this one. In the last 11 years of having a license, I’ve driven over 100 different cars. Different makes, models, ages, you name it. And of those vehicles, I’ve only received a total of three tickets — one of which I got from a cop on a bicycle! (Shouldn’t even count.) And among those three tickets, I’ve accidently “nudged” a couples cars, one of which was my mother’s! Once again, shouldn’t count! So, I’d like to say that I’m a good driver. On that note, let me share my car confession! It’s dark. It’s late. And I’m driving a red H3 Hummer. Enough said, right!? I’m on a new road, a new part of town, and unfamiliar with my surroundings. I wasn’t giving 100% to my driving, and as I drift slightly to the right, I hear a very large bang! A little startled, I continue to drive to my final destination. I arrive. When leaving the next morning, while driving back to my “bubble,” I attempt to look out my right side mirror. And to my dismay, it is non-existent. The mirror is gone. HHHHMMMM….. So, here’s my story: I could’ve sworn a giant giraffe plucked that mirror right off my car! It left no scrapes, dents, nada. Those dang zoo keepers better keep a closer watch on their pets! Okay! Your turn …

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