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Car buyer Q&A: Kyle Estes chats about dealership honesty

June 17, 2010
Say hi to Kyle & Julie Estes

Say hi to Kyle & Julie Estes

I’m always interested in hearing what you have to say about the car buying experience. So I’m starting a new type of post here on Lauren Wants to Know: Q&As with real car buyers! Kyle Estes of San Antonio sent me a nice email a while back, so I thought he’d be a perfect first interview to kick off the new series. Here’s what he had to say: Q. What do you drive? Kyle: “Hyundai Veracruz” Q. What kind of research and preparation did you do before buying your car? Kyle: “Consumer Reports & Edmunds review, gas mileage comparison and comfort & style comparisons” Q. Why did you buy it from that specific dealer? Kyle: “They had the vehicle I was looking for and I was able to negotiate a decent price.” Q. If there was one thing you would change about the process, what would it be? Kyle: “Dealerships need to be honest and use plain, common sense names to explain fees and charges. When you have to go to a car buying tips website to understand all the different charges and fees that are sometimes listed and passed on to the customer, it’s disappointing. Businesses deserve to make a reasonable profit, but don’t hide things under technical terms or blame them on the government and then pass them on to the customer.” I agree, Kyle! Here’s the original email that Kyle sent about his service experience here at McCarthy Hyundai:
“I’m from the San Antonio, Texas area and was visiting the KC area on Friday May 7th. After driving the 12 hours, my Veracruz had problems related to the on-board computer. Saturday morning we determined it had to be handled at a dealership so we called and explained to Soren in the Service department the issue as well as the fact that we were supposed to head back to Texas the next morning.  He assured me they would do their best and he did!  Soren called later that afternoon and said the car would be ready when we got there.  Unfortunately traffic made us late so we called ahead … Soren’s answer was not to wait.  He wouldn’t leave until we got there. Thankfully it was only 5-10 minutes after closing, but I greatly appreciated his can-do attitude and great customer service.  As a supervisor, I know how important it is to give Kudos to staff who deserve it.  Please pass this on to Soren as well as his supervisor. Thanks.”
Are you interested in being interviewed as part of this series? Send me a message via my contact page.

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