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Can You Guess Which of These Early Car Laws Are Real?

December 30, 2014
Have you ever wondered what it was like to drive when cars were totally brand new? It probably was a crazy time to be alive! I imagine that to those people, cars were like hover boards or personal flying cars would seem to us — dangerous and amazing all at once! The laws from the original times of vehicles were certainly different from the way they are now, so I thought it would be fun to give you all a little quiz on the topic! Try your hand at early car law history, then check your answers at the bottom of the post. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something cool in the process! 1. According to Great Britain’s Locomotives on Highway Act of 1861, cars could go no faster than: a. 25 mph b. 20 mph c. 15 mph d. 10 mph 2. The United State’s first license plates were: a. Letters and numbers issued by the goverment b. Numbers issued by the government c. Single numbers created by the car owner d. 3. The first standardized traffic laws weren’t created in the U.S. until: a. 1937 b. 1910 c.1926 d.1915 4. In 1903, the “wheel tax” to allow people to drive on the roads for one year cost: a. $10-$20 b. $1-$5 c. $100-$200 d. $50-$60 5. The U.S. adopted an international road sign system in: a. 1930s b. 1940s c. 1950s d. 1960s 6. Early Roman carriage drivers drove on this side of the road: a. Left b. Right 7. The world’s first electric traffic light was installed in 1914 in: a. San Francisco, CA b. Cleveland, OH c. New York City, NY d. Indianapolis, IN 8. Though there was no test involved, the first country to require a drivers license was: a. Great Britain b. France c. United States d. Germany 9. Britain’s Red Flag Act of 1865 required: a. Drivers to attach a red flag to the front of their vehicle b. Pedestrians to carry a red flag when they crossed the street c. Vehicles to be escorted by a man carrying a red flag and lamp d. Police officers to direct traffic with a red flag 10. The first U.S. State to issue license plates was: a. New York b. Virginia c. Maine d. Massachusetts       1. d / 2. c / 3. c / 4. a / 5. d / 6. a / 7. b / 8. a / 9. c / 10. d

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