Buyer beware!

January 11, 2013
Back in the day, your local newspaper was the sole source for cruising the car inventory before stepping foot on the lot. But check out the recent chatter on my Facebook page about Craigslist, and you’ll see how different things are today.
90% of you search online for guidance, tips and specific vehicles before the thought of driving to the dealership even crosses your mind.
I know, this online version of classifieds offers many benefits to consumers: You can shop in your jammies. Buying terms come in all shapes and sizes. You can cruise the lots while the kids sleep in the next room.
But my weary mind avoids it at all costs. At least for now.
Now, I’m not saying “Don’t buy on Craigslist.” But if you’re spending a substantial amount of money (or any money at all), don’t you want to be sure what you’re purchasing is up to standards… especially when buying something as important as your mode of transportation?
Your vehicle serves a hug function in your daily life. It gets you to work. Gets your kids to school. Your pets to the vet. Your parents to their doctors’ visits. And if your uncertified vehicle craps out on you, there’s a huge price to pay in terms of convenience and cost. It’s not like that guy on Craigslist who sold you the junker is going to stick around to service your car for you.
So just do me one favor. When you’re searching for your next car online, make SURE you know WHO you’re buying from and WHAT you are buying. My advice as always — buy from someone you trust: ME!!!  🙂

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