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Border war, driving style

January 24, 2012
Before moving to Kansas City, we lived in Minnesota (worst driver rank – 35th) where the drivers left a good three car lengths at stoplights and welcomed merging cars with open arms. In Kansas City, we’ve found that cars actually speed up to prevent a merging car from slowing them down! When we first arrived, we lived in Midtown. This meant that our top driving hazards were pedestrians crossing randomly in the middle of the street and the 2-inch thick layer of ice that developed every winter and seemed to remain until April. Now that we spend more time in Kansas, it’s the Target parking lot and texting drivers that cause the most angst. It all makes sense now that I’ve read the study naming Missouri drivers the second worst in the nation. The rankings were based on drunk driving statistics, accident fatalities, and numbers of citations for traffic violations, but Missouri was specifically called out for drunken and careless driving. Kansas received a 14th worst driver ranking. What do you think? Are Missouri drivers more careless than their Kansas counterparts?
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