Car Culture

Agree or Disagree?

August 6, 2012
Saturday night, on my way to the J Lo/ Enrique concert, my girlfriend and I got into a deep discussion. Parked outside the Sprint Center, we shared concerns regarding family business, negotiations and making it all work! The jewelry business and the automobile industry can sometimes carry negative connotations. We face the issue of price comparison and negotiations every day. Although negotiation is a part of the deal, the main focus should ALWAYS be quality and service. Remember the old saying “You get what you pay for?” Would you agree with me? It’s not 100% about the price. Wouldn’t you rather have an enjoyable experience, leave feeling confident, and know that there’s someone to go back to after the fact? I know I would. All I’m saying is, I have to believe that a handshake, a smile, good service, and a quality product outweigh the price tag. And that most people agree that PROFIT isn’t a bad word – in fact, it’s what makes the world go round!      

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