About Lauren Wants to Know

Unfortunately many women still don’t feel that they’re treated fairly on the showroom floor. As a woman working in the car business, my goal is to reach out to my fellow women in the community, a market that has been neglected by the car sales industry in the past, and debunk the horror myths of how scary car buying can be. I’m here to the story straight: Car salesmen can be the good guys, service departments aren’t the doors to hell, “profit” isn’t a dirty word, and you don’t have to dread buying a car!

What makes me the expert? Well, I happen to know my way around the industry since I grew up in the car business. My father, the owner of McCarthy Auto Group, took pride in teaching me the ins and outs of the dealership at a young age. I took that knowledge and created this site to help share what I know in an effort to help women with their car needs, wants, or issues.

Whether you’re starting your car-buying search online, selecting the right model, reviewing your finances, checking your tire pressure, replacing a wiper, or calling your insurance agent, you’ll find straight and informative answers here on the site minus the industry jargon. And when it’s time for you, your sister, your mom, or your best friend to make a purchasing decision, you’ll know right where to come.

I know you can buy a vehicle anywhere. But what you can’t get is a positive one-on-one dealership experience. And I’m here to show you how simple buying, maintaining, or even upgrading a car can be. So feel free to reach out and take in this information from me, Lauren McCarthy, a fellow woman, car dealer, daughter, friend, and recently new wife.