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8 tips to keep your valuables safe in your car

January 28, 2014
Window shattered, glass everywhere, valuables gone. You don’t want to see this when you come out of a department store. A friend of mine recently had her car broken into and they stole her valuables. She said she wished she knew better hiding places to store her things in her car.  I agree that it is important to take precautions when keeping your valuables safe. That is why I came up with 8 tips to keep your valuables safe in your car.

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Tip #1. Hide your things before you get to your destination. You never know if people are watching where you hide your items, especially bigger shopping bags. Tip #2. Thieves know the most common hiding places, such as: under jackets, behind seats, or in the trunk. Try to avoid any of theses spots. Tip #3. Get creative. Don’t be afraid to get creative in the places that you are hiding these items. Here are some examples: Ipod could be hidden in an old drink container, in between seats, or under a car mat. (You can even buy a Coke soda stash can for $7.50)


Tip #4. If you can, try to park near the front. This is the busiest part of the parking lot, and your car might be safer there. Tip #5. Always, always, always lock your car. I know this might seem like common sense, but leaving your car unlocked, is still the most common thing people could do to help thieves into your car. Tip #6. Roll up your windows. Even a crack on your window can make the difference in someone stealing your vehicle. Tip #7. If your car has an alarm make sure to set it. Thieves know when there is an alarm on a vehicle, and they will move onto an easier target. Tip #8. Most common things thieves are looking for in your car: GPS devices, cell phone, ipod, gaming systems, laptop, tablet, iPad, and car registration.   Hope those tips will help you and your car stay safe! If you can think of other tips that have helped you, then please comment below!

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