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5 Things You Should Never Leave in A Hot Car

July 5, 2016
The hottest part of summer is here! And while your car may be fine sitting in the sun all day (although you should use sun visors to protect your dash), some of its cargo may not. The internal temperature in your car can reach between 131-172 degrees Fahrenheit and cause serious damage. Here are some things, aside from the obvious pets and children, that you should NEVER leave in a hot car:
Water bottles. While most of us can agree that drinking warm water found in your car is unpleasant, there’s a better reason not to take a sip. Most disposable, plastic water bottles contain BPA, a chemical that is relatively harmless until heated, but can trigger some serious health risks when the plastic heats up.
  Sunscreen. Ironically enough, sunscreen is best left in the shade. It’s formulated to work best at room temperature. If it’s left in the heat, the chemical composition can start to break down, and it will start to lose its effectiveness.

Glasses. The heat can warp the lenses and frames of sunglasses and prescription glasses. Having your designer frames melt on the dash is a serious day ruiner.

Electronic Devices. You should NEVER leave electronic devices in your car for long periods of time. Make sure you put things like cameras, cell phones, and GPS units in the glove box so they’re out of the sun and out of thieves’ sight. The extreme temperatures can ruin the device’s screen, battery, and other parts of the electronic.

Medicine. Similar to sunscreen, leaving medicine in the car too long can result in a chemical change that can make the medicine less effective or not effective at all.

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