Behind the Wheel

5 Things Every Driver Should Do

March 25, 2017
After so many years of driving, it seems as if it becomes second nature to you. You’ve gotten into the habit of driving the way you always have, and unless you’ve been pulled over and ticketed for anything, you most likely won’t consider adjusting and changing what you do when you drive. Whether you are new driver or a seasoned veteran in the driving field, there are at least five things that every driver should do. Perhaps you already do it, but if not, I suggest you add them to your driving routine.   1. Don’t focus on the car in front of you Having tunnel vision while driving is one of the worst things you can do. If you are focusing on the car in front of you, you aren’t paying attention to things that are going on around you. To stay alert as a driver, it is important to pay attention to what is going on behind you and on both sides of you as well, as what is going on in front of you. If all of your attention is focused on the car in front of you, you could potentially miss traffic signals and signs. 2. Make sure your mirrors are adjusted properly As I mentioned in a previous blog post, it is extremely important that the mirrors in your vehicle are properly adjusted. When you’re driving, you want to make sure that you can look in all of your mirrors and see what is behind you and to the side of you clearly. If your mirrors aren’t adjusted, you run the risk of getting to an accident. 3. Always use turn signals Please, please, PLEASE always use turn signals! So many people forget or don’t care to use turn signals, which can be very dangerous. The last thing you want to happen is to get into an accident because you didn’t use your turn signal to alert the drivers around you. If you don’t use a turn signal, try getting into the habit of turning it on whenever you plan on making a turn. 4. Use your headlights When it’s dark outside, make sure to turn your headlights on. It is important that you can see while driving, and more importantly, that other drivers can see you. If it helps, there should be an auto setting available that will automatically turn your headlights on and off when necessary. 5. Keep your distance between vehicles If you stay at least 4 seconds behind a vehicle, you have a greater chance at avoiding an accident. Keeping distance gives you enough time to brake, should the car in front of you stop abruptly.

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