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Favorite KC car washes?

May 9, 2013

Photo via Flickr Creative Commons

The one time a year I get my car washed (Bye-bye, winter salt.), it’s usually at one of those old-fangled, drive-thru car washes. But last mont, I was the lucky recipient of a $15 gift certificate to Waterway. So despite my intimidation at surrendering my car to this massive assemblage of rag-wielding young men and whirring washing machinery, I went for it.
I waited until expiration date of my certificate, put on my big-girl pants, and followed the other cars into the assembly line. Luckily for me, the facility was equipped with signs that read things like, “Pull up here and get out of your car now.” I followed fellow drivers who seemed more experienced than me into the building, where I paid witness a fight between two drivers about cutting in line. It’s a cut-throat world, people.
Next, I waited on the curb watching the teenaged boys vacuum out the Goldfish crumbs from my backseat. Looking around, I realized that everyone had a wad of cash in their hand. Tip! I need to tip. How much? What if it’s a gift certificate? Ahh! Siri to the rescue! Angie’s List says that $2-3 is acceptable, so I dropped off a $5 because I am awesome, and you know, the car wash was technically free to me. So though I’m not sure I’ll be paying $15 anytime soon on my car, Father’s Day is just around the corner; I know a certain car in our family that could use a deep clean… What is your favorite car wash place in the KC metro? Do you prefer automated or the personal touch?  
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