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15 Car Hacks That Will Make Your Life SO Much Easier

January 8, 2014
I have to admit, I’m pretty darn excited about this post! A couple weeks ago, I ran into a guy who overheard me talking about needing new windshield wipers. He leaned over and said I could probably extend the life of my wipers by simple running a fine-grade piece of sandpaper over them a couple times, and they would be working as good as new! I was overjoyed when I discovered he was totally right! So of course I was inspired to write a post about it…and then realized there are probably a ton of other car hacks out there just waiting to be discovered. And I was certainly right! If any of you readers have ever googled “car hacks,” you know where my excitement is coming from. There are SO many amazing tips and tricks out there, I just had to round up my favorites and share them with you today. Read on for some amazing ideas on how to save time, money and headache when it comes to car maintenance! 1. No more spending money for special shining forumlas…you can shine your headlights with toothpaste and a rag! 2. If you’re lucky, you just may be able to reverse small dents in the car with a plunger. 3. Use silicone cupcake liners to keep your cup holders clean. 4. Shine your car with hair conditioner for a long-lasting finish. 5. Use a dab of Vaseline to shine your dashboard interior. 6. Squirt hand sanitizer on a frozen door handle to quickly get in! 7. Hang a shoe organizer over the back of your seat for organization of car items. 8. Keep dryer sheets in the car instead of air fresheners. 9. Toothpaste will also get rid of scuffs on the exterior of your car. 10. Rub a sliced potato on your windshield to keep it from fogging up. 11. Spray AC Odor Treatment in your vents to refresh the smell coming from your AC. 12. Use a cereal container as a trash can. 13. Use Dawn dish soap to get sparking rims. 14. Use a pool noodle to avoid scratches on your car door. 15. Buy a stayhold to keep groceries from tipping over in the trunk.

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