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10 things we've found in trade-in cars

June 25, 2010
Besides having some crazy trade-in offers at McCarthy Auto Group, there’s been some even crazier things left in those trade-ins. Besides the standard garage door opener, CDs and loose change, here’s a list of some of the things we’ve seen:
  1. A laptop
  2. A personalized license plate
  3. A licensed revolver
  4. Winter clothes
  5. ID badge from work
  6. A pair of women’s shoes
  7. Undergarments
  8. A small hatchet
  9. 24 tree air fresheners under the front seats
  10. A sledgehammer
  11. A kid … OK, I’m just kidding!
It’s important to make sure you do a thorough check of your vehicle before trading it in. You wouldn’t want to be missing something! Have you ever left something important in your car and traded it in?

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