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10 Perks of Renting a Car

December 28, 2014
A few years back, I met some people who rented a car quite frequently: for road trips, day trips, nights out on the town, etc. At first I thought it seemed unnecessary, but then I grew to understand the beauty of driving a car other than your usual, day-to-day ride. Aside from being fun, there are huge perks to renting a car in many situations! It can be practical, convenient and save you money in the long run. Here are my thoughts on the many perks of renting a car: 1. You can avoid putting miles on your car. The main reason I hear people say they choose to rent a car is for a long trip that would otherwise put significant wear and tear on the car they own and drive every day. Because cars tend to lose performance and reliability the more miles you’ve put on them, you can really save a significant amount of money by renting a car for big trips. Sure, you’re forking out a couple hundred dollars for the time being, but when it comes down to it, a renting a car costs a lot less than buying a new one prematurely! 2. You can travel with bigger groups of people. Whether it’s a trip across the country or down to a concert a few hours away, renting a car can be great for accommodating bigger groups of people than your everyday car can handle. When you rent a car, you have a wide variety of options that allow you to find the perfect car for your situation, so you could even rent a commuter van if you really wanted one! 3. You can save gas mileage on road trips (with a smaller car). In contrast, you could also downsize your car if you won’t be needing the extra space. For example, say you normally drive a 7-passenger SUV, but you and your significant other want to get away for the weekend without driving the gas-guzzler. Rent yourself a Prius or Honda Civic and you’re on your way! This can save a great deal of money on gas and also avoid the miles on your car. 4. You can have a more reliable car for a trip (if your car is old). We’ve all known the feeling of driving a beater car, where you’re just never quite sure which drive will be its very last. And of course you don’t want to drive that type of car on a long trip! Renting a newer, more reliable car is a surefire way to be more confident and stress-free on your trip. As a bonus, rental services will give you a new car at no charge if it breaks down. So you really would be worry-free! 5. You can try out new vehicles for future purchase. Buying a new car is a HUGE decision, and it can feel overwhelming by making the decision all from one test-drive and some online research. Even in the age of online reviews, you may still want some extra face time with the car you’re interested in. By renting that car for a weekend, your problems are solved! You can really get to know the car and avoid making a possible mistake when you head to the dealership to make your purchase. 6. You can travel to places your own car might have a hard time getting to. From off-roading in a Jeep Wrangler to zipping around the city in a Mini Cooper, sometimes renting a car will get you places that your own car just doesn’t allow. If you want to have an adventure that’s different from your everyday life, you might want to rent a car that goes along with it! 7. You can have a fun experience for a night. Even if your own car can get you everywhere you want to be, sometimes it’s just fun to try out something new. After all, variety is the spice of life! So try renting a car, go for a beautiful drive, take out your friends and enjoy a night in a totally unique ride! 8. You can change your image. Say you’re on a business trip, babysitting a bunch of kids, taking a girl on a date…you may just want to have a different car to match the occasion. And though you might not be able to change your look at the drop of a hat, you CAN change your car. So why not? It could be fun to become a little more professional, a little more sporty, a little more serious…or whatever you want to be a little more of! 9. You can be independent even when you fly places. This is another very common reason for renting a car. If you’ve flown to a new city across the country, you’re going to want a way to get around. Even if you have friends who offer you a ride or public transportation to get you around, renting a car is the only way you can be truly independent. 10. You can take your time. On the subject of being more independent, renting a car allows you to really take your time with your trips. Rather than rushing to the next subway station or hopping on a plane, you can stop at roadside stands, pop into a local shop, or whatever you fancy along the way! Renting a car lets you take unplanned turns in your journey, and gives you more of a trip to remember!

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