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10 Amazing Trunk or Treat Themes

October 26, 2014
These days, Halloween certainly isn’t what it used to be for older generations. Parents would be considered neglectful if they let their kids roam the streets going door-to-door on their own, and every year there seems to be a new story about scary, hazardous treats to look out for. But I love Halloween so much, I hope it can remain just as fun for every generation! Keeping Halloween Fun and Safe One idea to keep kids safe, provide convenience for parents and to join friends and family together is to have a Trunk or Treat party. Have you ever been to one or heard of it? Trunk or Treat parties are popular at schools, churches and for areas that are unsafe or too spread apart. The basic idea is to use your cars, lined up in a parking lot, as the place for kids to get their Halloween candy from, rather than going and knocking on doors around the neighborhood. Or, you could even do both! Hosting Your Own Trunk or Treat To host a Trunk or Treat, you just need to find a wide open space to park a bunch of cars, plan a few fall-themed activities (ideas here!), then invite friends and family to join in the fun! One way to make your Trunk or Treat even better is to ask each car owner to plan their costumes around a theme, then decorate their car/trunk area in the same theme. (Tips on how to choose a theme here!) And since this is a car blog, of course I couldn’t pass up the chance to share some AMAZING Trunk or Treat themes I’ve seen around the internet! Hopefully these photos give you some inspiration and get you excited enough to host your own Trunk or Treat party! Trunk or Treat Theme Inspiration 1. Toy Story and Andy’s room 1trunk-or-treat-2010-007 2. Wizard of Oz 1-wizard-of-oz 3. Finding Nemo 2-finding-nemo 4. Shark Attack b7b2a493f78d74f242dddaeba2b421e2 5. Cookie Monster 9f6f851fa927d250014061f51f18f387 6. Charlie Brown a2c3c1e4cc3a5060a390037133aca8d3 7. Bakery 23ee1273e936fca3fc5fa86e0f986876 8. Ridiculously Amazing Candy Land theme ead609ff3ab2283728bcc68350c68b41 9. Gingerbread man Halloween2010 005 10. Angry Birds Angry-Birds-Trunk-or-Treat   All right, so which one is your favorite? I can’t get over that elaborate, creative Candy Land one…and the bakery idea is so cute too! Let me know what you think in the comments!

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