About Lauren Wants to Know

As a woman working in the car business, my goal is to reach out to a market that has been neglected in the past.

So I’m here to set the story straight: Car salesmen can be the good guy, service departments aren’t the doors to hell, “profit” isn’t a dirty word, and you don’t have to dread buying a car!

Whether you’re starting the online search, selecting the right model, reviewing your finances, checking your tire pressure, pimping your ride, replacing a wiper, or calling your insurance agent, you’ll find straight answers  here on the site. And when it’s time for you or your sister or your best friend to make a purchasing decision, you’ll know right where to come.

I know you can buy a vehicle anywhere. But what you can’t get is a positive dealership experience. And I’m here to show you how different buying a car can be.