How to remove bumper stickers

bumper sticker


Bumper stickers are everywhere, communicating to the world anything from where we vacation to phrases that we think are funny. However, bumper stickers can  easily become an eyesore. So whether you’re removing one from a pre-owned car or trying to get rid of that outdated political tag, here are three great methods for getting rid of those pesky bumper stickers:

Heat: One of the most effective ways to remove bumper stickers is to reactivate the adhesive is through heat. Soak a rag in boiling water and place it over the sticker for at least one minute. The sticker should begin to release around the corners. You can also take a blow dryer and heat the entire surface of the sticker for at least 30 seconds. Hold the dryer at least six inches away to avoid chipping the paint. Begin to peel the sticker off at the corners while continuing to apply heat.

WD-40: Apply WD-40 liberally onto the edges and corners of the sticker and begin to peel it off with a rubber spatula or putty knife covered in duct tape. Avoid using anything metal against your vehicle to avoid scratches.

Cleaning solution: Mix rubbing alcohol, eucalyptus oil, and dish soap and apply generously all over the sticker. Soak the sticker for about 10 minutes and being peeling. Repeat until the sticker comes off.

I’d also suggest a good wash and wax once you get the bumper sticker off! It will help your car look shiny and new.

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