Driving me crazy

Even the most calm and collected drivers have those pet peeves that set them off. Here are some of mine. Be sure to add yours to the list!

1. Texting while driving 
I admit, I’ve been guilty of this in the past. But how many studies, warnings or laws do we need to convince us it’s just a bad, bad idea? Nine times out of ten when I see a car swerving into my lane, I look over and see the driver’s head turned toward their cell phone with one hand on the wheel. Come on, people. 

2. Speeder-uppers
You see me trying to change lanes to get toward my exit or even to move over to let you zoom around me. Instead of slowing down or even maintaining speed, you speed up. It’s just rude.

3. Smoking in the front, baby in the back
SERIOUSLY? If you want to endanger your own life. fine. But putting your child in an enclosed space with dangerous smoke? Do your kid a life-long favor (and save yourself some explaining when your kid is old enough to know better) and keep the cigarette smoke out of the car.

4. Tailgaters
If I were creeping along in the fast lane on I-70, fine. But when I am driving the speed limit or even a little more, or there is a left lane for you to pass me, why are you driving so close? What point are you trying to make? It’s times like these when I wish I had a sign I could display in my back window telling you to back off. Stop and think: what happens to BOTH of us if I slam on my breaks? Is it worth it?

5. Unnecessarily large vehicles
It’s the trucks that have such large tires they don’t even fit in one lane. They are so high up that you need a ladder to get into the seat. (Can someone please tell me WHY?) I can’t even imagine that gas pump bill.

Alright, now! I’m all ears for YOUR pet peeves…

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